Are the daily rigors of managing your business becoming overwhelming?

Are you losing valuable time and resources that seem like you can’t fix the puzzle properly?

Let BoneFide Development Group put the puzzle pieces together for you. 

As a small business owner, the mounting accounting responsibilities can pull you away from the day-to-day operations of your business. The small business owners we have talked to say that they are often the butcher, the baker and the candle stick maker in their businesses. Some are overwhelmed and inundated with keeping up with monthly accounting functions, day to day cash flow management and the ongoing task of staying IRS compliant with semi- weekly deposits and quarterly filings.  At BoneFide Bookkeeping, CFO & Tax Resolution Services, our Houston, TX firm can handle all or part of your accounting functions in order to make running the day to day operations of your business a top priority. We have a passion in working with small businesses to accomplish established financial goals AND WORK HARD TO ENSURE YOU ARE SATISFIED.

We do that by providing our clients with an initial consultation, allowing us to gather much needed information to help us provide a real-time analysis of their current business infrastructure.  We then provide our clients with small business strategies, that once implemented, place our clients on the path of small business growth and success.

Bookkeeping. Payroll. Business Development. Collections. Small business taxes. These services are interactive pieces of the financial puzzle of any business. Our full-service approach puts in place systems and processes that ensure a firm financial foundation that focuses on accurate financial reporting and tax compliance. We meet monthly with our clients to discuss the prior months performance by review of financial statements while providing analysis against company goals. We are accessible, a phone call away and serve as a virtual finance department for your business.

Accounting Solutions:

Leverage the insights we've gained from many years of experience working with all types of small business owners, call 281-777-6567 and request a free consultation to discuss these possible solutions:

While each business has unique needs, we have developed five small business accounting packages to fit any sized small business.

We Deliver:

  • Superior customer service

  • Business development strategies geared at revenue growth and company sustainability

  • Low-cost, high-return accounting solutions that generate higher internal efficiencies

  • Outsourced accounting with an internal, customized approach

  • Accurate, current, tax-ready books and financial reports

  • Policies and procedures to streamline your business

  • Dedicated team of professionals

Sharwin's Passion for Service

During the span of 23 years, Sharwin has served as Accountant, Chief Financial Officer, Business Consultant/Coach and tax advisor for businesses that joined the BoneFide family. In these roles, she has managed over $15 million dollars in revenue and has established back office systems and processes that have worked to scale businesses, improve profitability and streamline day to day back office functions. She has represented numerous individuals and small businesses before the IRS. With a proven track record in getting things done, Sharwin hopes to hear from you.

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