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Modern Building

Entity Setup is part of the foundation of the empire you intend to build.

Your business idea or product should rise within a business structure that incorporates tax planning and strategy.

That is where we come in.

                              WE BUILD BUSINESS INFRASTURE!


LET US HELP YOU! Being successful in business means continually seeking ways to manage tax obligations, limit expenses, and increase profits. At BoneFide Bookkeeping, CFO & Tax Resolution Services, our Houston, TX firm offers new businesses the incorporation and advisory services to start an operation off on the right foot.

Identifying the best structure for your new business will create a strong foundation for minimizing taxes and encouraging profitability.


We’ll explain the options for structuring your business in terms you can understand, recommend the entity that will benefit your business, and coordinate with your overall tax plan including S corporations, C corporations, and LLCs.


Next, we’ll show you how to write a solid business plan to secure financing and how to best organize your bookkeeping and bookkeeping processes.


We’ll also provide additional bookkeeping and reporting services so you can keep a close eye on where your money is going.


As your business grows, we’ll adjust your tax plan so your business continues to limit tax liabilities and increase in value.



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