We RESOLVE IRS Tax issues.

Being Audited? Wages Garnished? Owe more than $10k in IRS debt? Haven't filed prior year Taxes?

Here's my first free piece of advice: Don't go it alone. Get represented. Let someone who knows how IRS works stand with you.

We RESOLVE Tax Issues

Our Services

  • IRS Audit Representation for Businesses and Indoviduals

  • Tax Preparation and Planning for Businesses and Individuals

  • Strategic tax planning for small businesses

  • Tax planning techniques for individuals

  • Completion of all 1040 forms and schedules

  • Completion of 1120 Corporate Returns and schedules

  • Tax Filing Review and Tax Recovery Program

  • Completion of 1120S Corporate Returns and schedules

  • Completion of 1065 Partnership Returns and schedules

  • Completion of 990 Forms for Non-profit Organizations

  • IRS Negotiations

  • To learn more about our services , call 281-777-6567 now or request your free consultation online.

Our experienced firm and team of CPA’s, accountants, enrolled agents and attorneys understand that where your business is today may not be where it is tomorrow. Scaling is inevitable. Growing your bottom line could also mean an increased tax burden. Our job is to employ tax rules and regulations that will reduce your tax liability and produce timely, quality and accurate corporate and individual tax returns.

Sharwin's Passion for Service

During the span of 23 years, Sharwin has served as Accountant, Chief Financial Officer, Business Consultant/Coach and tax advisor for businesses that joined the BoneFide family. In these roles, she has managed over $15 million dollars in revenue and has established back office systems and processes that have worked to scale businesses, improve profitability and streamline day to day back office functions. She has represented numerous individuals and small businesses before the IRS. With a proven track record in getting things done, Sharwin hopes to hear from you.

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