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Sharwin Boney

Accountant, Enrolled Agent-Licensed to practice before the IRS, Author, Speaker

With 23 years of experience, Sharwin has served as Accountant, Chief Financial Officer, Business Consultant and Tax Advisor for businesses that joined the BoneFide family. In these roles, she has managed millions of dollars in revenue and has worked with owners to scale businesses, improve profitability and develop/streamline back office operations. She has represented numerous individuals and small businesses before the IRS. Sharwin’s insight and experience in starting, scaling and increasing profitability and performance can help your small business get to the next level.

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Speaker Topics for Sharwin Boney

*Building Bridges, Mending Fences: The American Story * Description: The world of „isms” continue to make headlines and bring definition to places, people and things. Sometimes right, other times wrong , let‟s explore the role age” ism”, class “ ism” and race “ism” plays in the our society and how we can build bridges and mend fences for unified progression.:


Purposely Designed: You have someplace to be in destiny * Staying stuck is not an option. You have got someplace to be in destiny! Explore the design of man through the lenses of a magnificent , purposeful, Creator. You were born for more than where you are right now! START where you are…… but don' t END where you start * Description: If life had a playback button, would it show the natural and calculated MOVING progression of moments that have led to your growth? Or would it feature a sequence of opportunities missed, doors not walked through, gifts not used or an accumulation of moments that have simply flat lined? Tackle some mind set s and address perspectives .that keep you in “START” mode.


I support!

The landscape of America today is a culmination of propositions of those who dared to DREAM and ACT beyond present day realities and prohibitions. Who will dare today to follow their lead? Where is this generation of dreamers that true change can be enacted through?


I am One Woman

Relevancy What voice can the church bring to the current national conversation on issues like healthcare, social injustices, famines, child abuse & wars?

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