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For those of you who can relate...I wrote this several years ago: I have exercised courage this year. I have stood when my heart wanted to sit, to run, to hide, to quit. I have been disappointed but I too have disappointed. I have fallen and have had to get back up. Push through. Pull through. Sit. Stand. Run. Hold steady. I felt beaten. I felt tired. I mean a deep soul tired. Towards the end, I heard the word RECOVERY. This would be part of the hope set before me entering a new year. I would push forward. Honestly not knowing how I could, would or now did. While my flesh would like to say of all I did to make it. ..the truth is ...I followed. I stopped but he prodded. I pitched a tent but he told me to get up. I didn't t want to.. so he carried me. I did not feel like fighting. He fought for me. I just didn't have the will to stand and that's when a new wind was behind me pushing me. Today everything might be well with you. But for those of you weary from fighting, know this.... He got you! It may not feel like it or seem like it But friend..he got you

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